Episode Forum Share your thoughts >> go Episode Video Preview “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” (:40) Broadcast date: March 21, 2006 Boston Illegal Radio Listen to our podcast “Stick It” with special guest host Marisa Coughlan [Melissa Hughes], Alan Shore`s assistant, who refused to pay her taxes on principle. Part 1 of 2 mp3 [76 min; 26.6mb] Part 2 of 2 mp3 [42 min; 14.8mb] Listen or subscribe via Yahoo Podcasts Listen to mp3 with streaming or subscribe via Odeo iTunes Subscription Download the iTunes app for free Listen to your mobile Customers trust us with world-class consulting services, expect advice on complex transactions and high-stakes disputes. We solve our clients` toughest problems through a collaborative, cross-functional approach across a variety of industries, including finance, life sciences, private equity, real estate and technology. For more information, please contact us. | Episode credits| of dialogue Did you know. ? | | Notice News & Ratings Alan Shore: If this injustice was done to Adele, why didn`t you call me before trying to remove it? Catherine: Well, my dear, you helped me with these two convenience store robberies, not to mention the murder. I didn`t want to feel like I was going to be a nuisance. __ Adele Freeman: *Whispers* Did you pack my Jean Nate? Catherine Piper: *Whisper* Yes, I packed your Jean Nate. Adele Freeman: What about my nocturnal eye patches? I can`t sleep without my nocturnal eye patches. __ Clifford Cabot: The Victorian era was the pinnacle of the industrial age. And whenever new technologies hit the market, one of their first applications is eroticism. Shirley Schmidt: Similar to Internet and Clifford Cabot: Internet. Clifford Cabot: Before you met me, you hadn`t even heard of The Lusty Turk.

Natalie Cabot: And if it wasn`t for me, Two Circus Virgins on Bareback would hang over the fireplace in someone else`s living room. Brad Chase: Are you asking me some kind of corruption? Kahanov: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Brad Chase: That`s you, isn`t it? Kahanov: That`s it. Shirley Schmidt to Denny Crane: Let me say that in terms that you will understand. Paul is our Karl Rove. Shirley Schmidt: Can you tell us how the hysteria machine works? Clifford Cabot: Women often complained of symptoms such as nervousness, heaviness of the abdomen, vaginal lubrication, insomnia, etc. Doctors called these symptoms hysteria, but of course, they were actually signs of sexual arousal. Before inventions like this, doctors would massage a woman until she reached what they called a climax. Did you know. ? Six Degrees of the Guest Star bu SueB Ed Begley as Clifford Cabot – Son of an Oscar-winning actor, he entered show business at an early age. His first film appearance was in a short film The Lottery in 1969, when he was only 19 years old. He had roles in television and film in the 70s before getting the characteristic role of his career.

As the eccentric physician Victor Ehrlich in the groundbreaking medical drama St. Elsewhere (1982), Begley received six Emmy nominations in a row. Never quite a leading actor, he nevertheless had a remarkable career with many and varied roles in film and television. His credits include an appearance in Star Trek: Voyager (1996) and The Practice (1999). In 2004, he received a Florida Film Critics Circle Award as a cast member of the mockumentary film A Mighty Wind. More recently, he has had recurring roles in Arrested Development, Six Feet Under and Jack & Bobby. According to his website www.edbegleyjr.com, Begley is also a self-proclaimed environmental activist. Norma Michaels as Adele Freeman – Michaels made a television appearance on Andy Williams` show in 1964, followed by a murder victim role in The Zodiac Killer in 1971.

Then she apparently took a long break before her television career picked up steam in 1987 (Highway to Heaven). Since then, she has had a fairly consistent job in guest roles, including an appearance in Ally McBeal (2002). In 2005, she had a recurring role in The King of Queens and a role in the film Wedding Crashers. Patricia Belcher as Judge Leslie Bishop – Belcher reprised her role as BL1.3 (“Catch and Release”) when she played the judge in the Endangered Salmon Donny Crane case. She is a busy character actress with credits from 1990, including appearances in David E.