Only one volume is the Vademecum*, which is included in the agenda. Daily journal – See the page of the newspaper Medico-legal expenses Uniform contribution for registration in the role Right to copy Pension funds – Regulations for the implementation of art. Art. 21 Professional system Mediation and conciliation – Mediation fees Telematic civil procedure – Quick guide to the submission of documents Data protection code Faculty of service of documents for lawyers Service of documents by certified e-mail – Quick start guide Certificates of conformity Legislation on legal costs Compensation of experts and technical advisers Compensation of professionals detached in compulsory expropriation Survival table – Legal interest – Default interest Monetary revaluation Professionals` address book Annex: Hello, I would like to know how the small agenda is structured and its cost and the cost of the normal agenda and whether it is possible to have it purple in color. Good evening, please can I have an offer for the purchase of the agenda Legislative moment of the orizzaontal audience, personalized with the engraving of “Avv. Maria Gabriella Quadri”? Thank you and cordially Maria Gabriella Quadri Among the legal agendas is the “most classic”, you can enter the header with the name at no extra cost. 20 lines for their engagements in addition to the usual conference and memorandum rooms. Practices header divided into: If you want the header to enter first name, last name, and title in the order notes. Delivery times for header calendars are delayed by about a week. Read instantly in your browser with Kindle Cloud Reader.

Personalization with engraving of your name or any other phrase Code of Civil Procedure Judicial District The second format is that of the hearing, just to be clear that the bag we offer in red and orange color Using the phone`s camera, scan the code below and download the Kindle app. Download the free kindle app and read Kindle books instantly on your smartphone, tablet or computer without the need for a Kindle device. Learn more about it. ADR: Civil Mediation – Assisted Trial – Arbitration Civil Judgments Regional Administrative Court Labour Issues Bankruptcy Proceedings Injunctions Enforcement Procedures for Securities, Real Estate and Third Parties Criminal Courts Higher Courts Cases in Decision and Advances Pending – Expense Carryovers Planning Reports Year 2024 Home Affairs: LEGAL AGENDA SKIVERTEX MARRONE 2023: PRICE € 53.50 Available in stock in our two branches, our Shop in Via Cavour 46r in Florence and in the Palace of Justice always in Florence. Legal agenda Il Momento Legislativo Volume Unico Rossa 2023 Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with an *.