If Congress accurately reflected our nation on the basis of race, about 63 percent would be white, not 80 percent. Overall, the United States currently ranks 11th in the world and fifth among developed countries in terms of deaths from Covid-19. Some ethnic groups are unhappy in their country. They may feel mistreated by other groups. They may want better representation in government – or even a country of their own. Ethnic groups that want a country of their own are sometimes referred to as “stateless nations.” Examples of stateless nations include French Canadians in Quebec, Basques in France and Spain, and Kurds in Southwest Asia. They carved a refuge in the desert and then built it to make it the most powerful nation on the planet in 200 years. Congress is now 92% Christian and resembles a papal enclave rather than our religiously diverse nation. Television stations interrupt their broadcasts to bring the nation directly to Selma.

He undertook a violent attack against the nation of his enemies, and on the descent he destroyed the adversaries. For the first time in his experience, Corsica had to face the forces of a nation, not a government. He couldn`t say what I meant by state secrets when an enemy or a rival nation was not in the business. And besides, as a nation, we take this truth for granted: resolutions are made to be broken. My son,” Grabantak said to Chingatok one evening, “if we want to live in peace from now on, why don`t we unite and become one nation? In general, a person`s nationality indicates which country they come from. An Australian is from Australia, a South African is from South Africa, and so on. In this sense, the word nationality can mean citizenship. Citizenship enjoys the protection of the government of a country. However, the word nationality can also be used to describe the ancestry or roots of people in other countries. Therefore, people called Mexicans can be Mexican citizens living in Mexico or U.S.

citizens with Mexican roots. Their decisions will almost inevitably make the nation even more divided, with the worst off relegated to a nightmarish future where they will be left to fend for themselves. Gourges equipped three ships and 150 soldiers at his own expense to avenge their deaths and restore the honor of his nation. National ancestry is often associated with ethnicity, which describes the common culture and history of a group called an ethnic group. In some countries, almost all people belong to a single ethnic group. Examples include Denmark, Norway and Sweden. But other countries are made up of many different ethnic groups. With the exception of Native Americans, the United States is made up of immigrants (people from other countries) and their descendants. China and India, which each have more than a billion inhabitants, also have many different ethnic groups.

Thus, people of different ethnicities can share the same nationality. In the modern world, many citizens are very loyal to their country or ethnic group. This strong bond is called nationalism or patriotism. Middle English nacioun, from Anglo-French naciun, from Latin nation-, natio birth, race, nation, from nasci to be born; Similar to the Latin gignere to testify – more in kinship As a nation, we have become accustomed to a national death toll that has only recently fallen below a thousand people per day. A downtown federal prison now has one of the highest numbers of active cases in any federal prison in the country. A country is land controlled by a single government. Countries are also called nations, states or nation-states. Countries can be large or small. Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia and the United States are large countries that span millions of square kilometers. The smallest country in the world, Vatican City covers less than 1 square mile (2.6 square kilometers). Nations in the region have been eyeing the price since the discovery of gas a few years ago.

14th century, in the sense of 1a(1) Most countries are divided into smaller parts called states or provinces. A state or province has its own government. The government of the country shares power with state or provincial governments. The laws promulgated by the government of the country affect all the inhabitants of the country. Laws enacted by a state or provincial government affect only the population of that state or province. Being a citizen and being a resident are not exactly the same thing. A country`s country does not need to be connected. For example, the U.S.

states of Alaska and Hawaii are separate from the other 48 states, but are still part of the country. Some countries are made up of archipelagos. Indonesia and the Philippines are examples of island States. Almost all countries belong to an organization called the United Nations or the UN. The UN tries to resolve disputes between countries peacefully.