Adam Bedford, NFU Regional Director, said: “I am delighted that Crombie Wilkinson has been reappointed from one of the North East NFU Legal Panel firms. We have been working with them for many years and we know that they provide excellent service to the farming community and beyond. We look forward to working with them in the future to better serve the interests of our agriculture and growing membership. JCP Rural Practice is one of 2 lawyers in Wales and 16 nationally, providing a wide range of legal advice to NFU members. The insurance company previously had seven law firms in its lineup Following the broader list of finalists for The Lawyer Awards 2022, we can reveal the eight law firms nominated for the coveted Law Firm of the Year award. Winners in all categories will be announced on Tuesday 21 June at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London. Click here to see the details of the event, including information […] Tees was renowned for helping members in agriculture in Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk. Caroline Metcalf, Partner, said: “We are delighted to have been readmitted to the NFU Legal Panel. This selection truly demonstrates Tees` deep legal knowledge and expertise in agricultural and rural issues. We are delighted to offer our legal expertise to NFU members in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Herefordshire. The 200 largest UK law firms are featured in The Lawyer`s UK 200 report.

Our appointment as the NFU`s legal department in May 2008 followed the completion of an intensive six-month national review by the National Farmers Union and fierce competition from other law firms in the region. Having demonstrated our skills in the tendering process, we were proud to have been selected for our understanding and expertise in agriculture as agricultural areas relevant to NFU members, such as diversification, taxation, planning, wills and estates, family, transfer of ownership and dispute resolution. “We are entering a period of transition for the industry, which undoubtedly makes the legal body in high demand, providing NFU members with expert advice on a wide range of legal issues.” Our agriculture lawyers have been dealing with the agriculture industry for many years and can provide a wide range of legal services to agricultural businesses. The council consists of 16 law firms in the eight NFU regions, providing two law firms per region, providing an improved and more local service to members. Josiah Hincks is a lawyer for farmers and the firm`s agricultural law department provides unique expert advice to farm clients. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of our clients` agricultural activities and the country concerned. Our Leicester lawyers advise farmers, landowners, agricultural businesses and agricultural organisations on all types of legal issues. At JCP Rural Practice, we are proud to have been appointed NFU Panel Firm for South Wales.

We have been part of the panel since 2008 and therefore benefit from the close cooperation with the NFU. We represent NFU members referred to us through the NFU call center and we take care of any legal issues that NFU members may have in relation to their farms. Our appointment to the NFU Legal Committee is regularly reviewed and monitored by the NFU, and we are committed to continuing to provide quality legal advice and services to NFU members in the Northeast. Our long-standing relationship with the NFU and the rural community in our region means that we have a good understanding of the issues facing NFU members, and are therefore able to provide practical and useful legal advice. Law firms appointed to the legal body provide comprehensive legal advice covering all areas of law related to agriculture and growth, including succession planning, diversification, renewable energy, dispute resolution, planning, succession, family and property transfer. In the last financial year, the panel offered NFU members a total discount of over £500,000. The NFU has confirmed the outcome of its law firm review in 2022, with two renowned companies on the panel in East Anglia. The NFU Legal Panel is recognised as an important part of the services provided to NFU members, offering its members a total discount of over £500,000 in the last financial year. Mel Squires, NFU Regional Director for the Southwest, said: “We represent nearly 9,000 member farmhouses in the region and our law firms are an important part of our services.

We work closely with them throughout the year and look forward to Clarke Willmott`s reappointment and the continuation of our relationship for the benefit of our members. We are proud to be recognized by the NFU for our expertise and services in agricultural law. Our team provides legal expertise in the full range of commercial and personal legal issues that affect or may affect farms and farm families, including: DWF, DAC Beachcroft, BTO Solicitors and John McKee & Son Solicitors won seats on the Legal Committee of the National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society. By understanding our strengths, passion and enthusiasm in what we do, we provide comprehensive legal advice and expertise to NFU members in the Northeast. Josiah Hincks Solicitors is a member of the Legal Panel of the National Farmers Union (NFU) and the only law firm of its kind in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. This means that all NFU members are entitled to a 12.5% discount on our regular legal fees. If an NFU member has a current subscription to the Legal Assistance Program (LAS), they can help with financial assistance for costs. Every NFU member should first speak to NFU Call on 0370 845 8458. Tees and UNHCR Hewitsons were reappointed following a review that assessed the firm`s legal services, commitment to the organization and its members, and feedback from NFU members and staff. Andrew Clark, NFU Director of Policy, said: “The Legal Panel is an important feature of the NFU`s legal services to our members and I am delighted to confirm the reappointments. The NFU Legal Panel consists of 16 law firms in England and Wales that provide NFU Farmer & Grower members with local support and a 12.5% discount on hourly rates directly related to their farming or growing business. We are one of only two law firms appointed on the National Farmers Union (NFU) Legal Panel for North East members.

“NFU panel companies are committed to supporting NFU members and have significantly strengthened their agricultural and rural teams in recent years. His extensive expertise is highly valued by our in-house legal team and NFU members. Lanyon Bowdler was reappointed in July 2018 as one of the carefully selected agricultural law firms with a proven track record in agriculture as a member of the NFU Members` Legal Committee. As well as providing legal advice, we serve and support our farming and rural community in a variety of ways and continually support the UK agri-food sector. By protecting the interests and wishes of the people involved in the farm, as well as the management of the farm, you can be sure that these audit services offered by NFU and legal experts identify the aspects you need to ensure are present and properly documented to protect your farm for the future. Learn more about discounts for setting up or updating documents for farms and farm families using the Contract Review Service and the Legal Health Check service. NFU Legal Affairs Committee Chair Nick Hamer said: “The consequences of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have created several challenges for agriculture and growing businesses.” Below you will find all the legal services we can offer farmers. Esther Woolford, Partner and Head of our Agriculture team, said: “We have been part of the NFU panel since its inception and are delighted to have been extended for another three years. This reflects our excellent relationship with NFU in general and recognizes the strength of the specialized legal offering that Clarke Willmott offers and is able to provide to the farming community. This underscores our status as one of the largest farm teams in the country. The companies were specially selected by the NFU for their experience and expertise in agriculture and horticulture.

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