MLAC does not provide legal advice or representation. If you need help with a legal problem in Massachusetts, there are several ways to find it. Below you will find information on: Volunteer lawyers, paralegals, and law students, led by staff attorneys, strive to give residents of the Greater Boston Area equal access to representation. Greater Boston Legal Services does not discriminate against any person using the Services on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, age, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, marital status, veteran status, or any other legally protected status. When they have nowhere else to go, low-income families and individuals, seniors and people with disabilities turn to GBLS for help in getting life`s most basic necessities. Dial-A-Lawyer`s volunteer lawyers are in good standing and have varied legal experience. In addition to regional legal aid organizations, MLAC funds legal aid organizations that specialize in a particular topic or type of law, including education, immigration, prisoners` rights, disability, consumer law, etc. If your legal problem is not criminal, it is a civil law problem. Legal Services lawyers help people with civil law problems.

Free legal representation for low-income people Community Legal Aid (855) 255-5342 Toll Free: (800) 649-3718 TTY: (508) 755-3260 Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (617) 654-0400 Toll Free: (866) MASS-LRS ((866) 627-7577) TTY: (617) 338-0585 The mission of Veterans Legal Services is to ensure the independence, stability and financial security of homeless and low-income veterans through legal services free and accessible. promote. The Massachusetts Bar Association sponsors a monthly Dial-A-Lawyer program and encourages the public to call our helpline for free legal advice. To qualify for legal aid, you must have a low income. In addition, your legal services program should help you resolve the legal problem. Legal aid programs have very little funding. You can only work on a small number of legal issues at a time. If you have committed a crime or are accused of committing a crime, your legal problem is a “criminal” problem. Lawyers at the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) help people who have a criminal problem.

Provides free legal advice to victims of sexual assault on legal issues related to privacy, security, housing, education, employment, immigration, LGBTQ issues, criminal justice and financial stability. For more information and assistance, please contact the legal aid organizations listed below. Massachusetts Legal Answers Online is a free service that allows you to ask a question to a pro bono lawyer on the Internet. This is a good option if you have one or two legal questions. At Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), our team of 69 lawyers and 17 paralegals provides free civil (non-criminal) legal aid to low-income individuals and families in and around Boston. You may be eligible for civil legal aid if your annual income is 125% or less of the federal poverty line. In Massachusetts, that`s currently $34,688 a year for a family of four. There are different criteria for seniors and victims of crime. You may also receive information from This website is for legal lawyers, but you may find it useful, especially if you are going to a hearing alone. Lawyers divide legal issues into 2 groups, criminal and civil. Each week, Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) provides free legal assistance and representation in civil (non-criminal) matters to hundreds of some of the neediest residents of the City of Boston and 31 surrounding towns and villages.

Greater Boston Legal Services (617) 371-1234 Toll Free: (800) 323-3205 TTY: (617) 371-1228 Visit MassLegalHelp for legal information and self-help materials. Boston Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (617) 742-0625 Toll Free: (800) 552-7046 You can get legal information and self-help tools from our national websites. You can find legal advice programs throughout the state. Massachusetts Legal Resource Finder provides recommendations for free, low-cost programs in legal aid organizations, nonprofits, courts, and self-help documents. Use the Legal Resource Finder to find legal aid in Massachusetts. You can find out if programs in your area are adding new customers. Massachusetts doesn`t have enough lawyers for everyone who needs legal help. We can`t help everyone, even if you have a low income. Start here with We have information in clear, easy-to-understand language.

You can learn about many of the most common civil law issues, in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Haitian Creole and Chinese. They can help you understand your situation and take steps to resolve your problem. MetroWest Legal Services (508) 620-1830 Toll Free: (800) 696-1501 Do you have a legal problem or question? Get free legal advice every month. Each fall, MBA members participate in an Ask A Lawyer phone program presented jointly by MBA, WBZ Call for Action, and WBZ NewsRadio 1030. The program provides a lifeline for Massachusetts residents looking for answers to their legal questions who can`t afford a lawyer or may not know where to turn for legal assistance. These sites are a collaboration of the Massachusetts civil legal aid community and are funded by MLAC. MassLegalHelp is served by lawyers at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute; Mass Legal Answers Online is administered by MLRI with assistance from the Boston Bar Association`s Volunteer Lawyers Project and is part of the American Bar Association`s national Free Legal Answers project.