In 2010, the Wiesbaden-based company was ISO 9001 certified for its effective quality management and thus ISO certified for the first time. Julius Berger International supports the women`s Bundesliga team of the Wiesbaden Volleyball Club as a new commercial sponsor. With the acquisition of a virtual part of the square, the company became part of the “We for VKW” campaign and thus supported the construction of a new venue in Wiesbaden`s city centre. The company focuses on securing privately funded concession projects, its international expansion and providing integrated solutions for construction projects. Julius Berger is a leading Nigerian company providing integrated construction solutions and related services. We specialize in carrying out complex work that requires the highest level of technical know-how and we distinguish ourselves by the implementation of state-of-the-art construction methods and technologies. Core competencies cover all phases of planning, design, engineering, construction, maintenance and operation of construction, infrastructure and industrial projects. Certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) shows that our quality management systems are well equipped to constantly meet customer needs and that quality is continuously improved. Combined with our collaborative approach, our drive for innovation, extensive experience and resources underpin project success.

With a proven track record of delivering quality results on time, we distinguish ourselves as a preferred partner. The company is represented throughout Nigeria in building construction and infrastructure works as well as in southern Nigeria through national and international projects in the oil and gas industry. He is known for building most of Nigeria`s infrastructure, major highways and even some residential buildings for Chevron Nigeria`s headquarters in Lagos. [2] Julius Berger Plc is a civil engineering and construction company. It is responsible for the planning, planning and construction of civil engineering works. The company`s project portfolio includes buildings with office and functional buildings, residential and sports/leisure facilities; infrastructure including roads and bridges, railway lines, airports, dams and water supply systems; plants and factories, structures for the oil and gas industry and power plants; Marine structures, including ports and anchorages, as well as dredging of shipping canals, land rehabilitation, construction of ports and roads, and pipelines. The company has been listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange since 20 September 1991. Julius Berger is headquartered in Abuja FCT, with additional permanent locations in Lagos and Uyo.

Martin Brack was born in Freiburg in 1963 and studied macroeconomics at the University of Fribourg. In 1990, he began his professional career as a graduate economist at FOSTEC GmbH in Berlin, where he was responsible for managing all business activities. From 1993 to 1996, he worked as controller for Bilfinger Berger AG before becoming Head of Controlling in 1996 and then Head of the GKW Group Sales Department in Mannheim. In 2000, he joined Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, where he held various leadership positions over the next 22 years. During his tenure, he was responsible for managing the commercial sales force and was responsible for all infrastructure, industrial, gas and oil projects before being appointed CFO of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc in 2017. In January 2022, Martin Brack took up his position as CFO at Julius Berger International GmbH in Wiesbaden and has been a member of the Board of Directors ever since. Julius Berger celebrates 50 years of excellence, partnership and progress in construction as Nigeria`s construction leader. “Celebrating the past, renewing the future.” Julius Berger Nigeria currently receives the most orders in the oil and gas industry as well as public authorities. For example, the company is building most of a large gas liquefaction plant for Chevron and is doing significant additional work on a major project for Nigerian Liquefied National Gas.

Julius Berger International has received silver status in the CSR rating of the renowned EcoVadis agency, placing the company in the top quarter of the most sustainable companies in its sector. Julius Berger`s presence in Nigeria dates back to 1965, when the company won a tender for the construction of a second $31.2 million continental bridge in Lagos. [ref. The project was an important civil engineering project as it was the first in the country to be built with prestressed concrete. [ref. needed] The construction of the bridge was designed in phases, with the first phase completed in 1969 and the final phase in 1974. [ref. needed] While working on the project, Berger undertook other projects in the country, a municipal aqueduct project in Jos awarded by the Benue-Plateau State Government was the company`s first construction project outside Lagos State. [ref. needed] This project included the construction of a reservoir to save rainwater, as well as the construction of a dam, water treatment plant and reservoirs. The company`s efficiency in building the first phase of the Eko Bridge made it a first choice for repairing the bridge over the Niger River, which had been damaged during the civil war.

This project has kept the company on its toes in Nigeria. [6] After a successful first few years, the company was transformed into a listed public limited company: Julius Berger Tiefbau AG. In 2014, cooperation with the global non-profit IT leader AfB social & green IT began, which professionally refurbishes IT hardware and puts it back on the market while creating jobs for people with disabilities. Dr. Tilo Nemuth was born in Bautzen in 1972. He successfully completed his training as a mason before studying civil engineering with a specialization in construction management at the Technical University of Dresden. From 1997 to 2001, he worked as a site manager for Dyckerhoff & Widmann AG before joining the international division of Bilfinger Berger AG in 2001 as Group Manager Tendering. In 2005, he successfully completed his external doctorate at the Technical University of Dresden. From 2006 to 2009, Dr. Tilo Nemuth was Head of Office Technical Services at Bilfinger Berger Nigeria GmbH before joining Julius Berger Nigeria Plc in this role in 2009.

Six years later, he returned to Wiesbaden to take over the construction departments of Julius Berger International GmbH and to support the company`s strategic realignment. Since February 2020, Dr. Tilo Nemuth has been a member of the Board of Directors, where he is responsible for business development, IT strategy, sales, academic marketing and quality management at Julius Berger International. The capital of the state of Hesse, Wiesbaden, became the new headquarters of the company in 1948. EMIS Business Profiles are part of a larger information service that combines data and analysis from companies, industries and countries for more than 145 emerging markets. In 2001, the company moved to its new headquarters in Abuja. [9] The foundation stone of our company was laid about 130 years ago. The business acumen and construction expertise of a former freight forwarder has developed over time to become an internationally successful construction company – which today represents countless highly complex and innovative construction projects and is actively committed to its employees, the environment and society. In 2012, Watertown Energy Ltd., a Nestoil company, acquired 10% of the shares of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, previously owned by Bilfinger Berger GmbH, bringing the company`s Nigerian stake to 60.1%. Dr.

Peer Lubasch was born in Bad Schwalbach in 1977. He completed his training in concrete and reinforced concrete construction at Bilfinger + Berger Bau AG in Wiesbaden before studying civil engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt and the University of California at Berkeley with a specialization in structuring, concrete construction and computer science. As part of his PhD at the Institute for Construction Concrete at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Dr. Lubasch addressed issues related to fatigue of prestressed concrete elements. Dr. Lubasch then worked as a technical project manager for structural design in a renowned engineering office in Darmstadt before joining Julius Berger Nigeria Plc in 2010. In Nigeria, Dr. Lubasch has held various leadership positions, most recently as Technical Director for the Central/North Region. In 2020, Dr. Lubasch joined Julius Berger International GmbH in Wiesbaden and accompanied the company`s strategic realignment as head of the planning departments.

In 2022, he was appointed CEO of the company. Mr. Lubasch is also a lecturer for the course “Building Abroad” at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and a member of the Hessian Chamber of Engineers. The company built the Eko Bridge, completed in 1968, the Third Continental Bridge in 1990 and the Abuja Stadium in 2003. [10] With more than 300 employees, Julius Berger International is one of the largest engineering companies in the Rhine-Main metropolitan area. At the Wiesbaden site, our team offers our customers all integrated planning and engineering services as well as our complementary services. For optimal organization, the departments are divided into two departments: the Design & Engineering department, which takes care of the usual planning services, and the Tender & Project Support department, which takes care of construction and project management services.