It`s great to hear that you`re one of the few property managers who goes beyond illegal listings, Phil! As you say, there is at least one glimmer of hope on the horizon of the situation the world is in right now 🙂, thank you for your comment, Karyn! Oh my God, a place to stay in Sydney without air conditioning in the summer is definitely not ideal. You`ll find that many of our old buildings don`t have air conditioning at all (that`s crazy, isn`t it?!) So unfortunate that it was in addition to the noisy train line also for you, uh. I agree with you that Airbnb can be a great option if there aren`t many hotel options (especially in remote areas), provided everything is legalized. I hope you have an amazing trip to Japan and found my Japanese guides helpful 🙂 The New York State Attorney General`s Office released a report on Airbnb listings that revealed this unfortunate fact. Local laws in New York make it illegal to rent an entire apartment on Airbnb for less than 30 days, as it helps keep the long-term supply of real estate available to residents. Still, New York City is one of Airbnb`s largest markets, where listings less than 30 days old are available to tourists. As someone who values time travel more than anything else, the explosion of illegal listings, risks, and ethical issues associated with Airbnb and the like don`t outweigh the benefits of staying in a hotel for me. Considering that a few YouTubers have also made a joke on Airbnb by listing a dollhouse and making reservations worth $3,000, the question really arises as to how many listings are actually reviewed. I`m just playing devil`s advocate to show that you can look at Airbnb from the other side of the lens, but I agree with you regarding Airbnb`s legality issues and the fact that in reality it now goes beyond what its original idea/goal was. It`s also known that some Airbnb hosts treat their rentals like businesses.

Padlocks or touchpads combined on doors instead of keys, instructions stuck on the property, and “non-smoking” signs are dead gifts that your Airbnb will be treated as a permanent vacation rental, which I mentioned earlier in point #1, is probably an illegal listing. What happened to renting a free room? Airbnb laws in Hawaii have become more complex during the COVID-19 pandemic on Oahu and other islands. The mayors of Maui, Big Island, and Kauai restricted vacation rentals in March 2020, but on June 16, 2020, they allowed legal Airbnbs to operate again. Short-term legal holiday homes can now be operated; However, Hawaii state travel restrictions and other COVID-19-related mandates remain in effect, with Governor Ige saying these regulations will be in effect until Hawaii reaches a 70% vaccination rate. I`ve compiled this list of reasons to raise awareness of some issues that others at Airbnb may not have been aware of, especially ethical and illegal concerns. Having seen first-hand the harm that illegal host families cause in some cities of local communities, this question is close to my heart, not just about the “clicks that doncha know” 😉 Thank you for sharing your thoughts, RL3! I am glad to hear that you also dodged a bullet. I know things will often go well with rentals like these, but as you say, if there are any clues, renting is illegal and may not be the way to go in many places! Thanks for the comment, Maya. I don`t know if you read the article before commenting, as it`s not about whether your experience was good or not. There are illegal and unethical concerns about Airbnb that I wanted to highlight Another troubling trend at Airbnb is 🙂 illegal subletting. Did you know that the latest statistics in Australia show that 35% of Airbnb listings come from people who don`t even own the property, and this without the owner`s knowledge? I have to say that this article has put a lot of things into perspective for me. I started using Air BnB a lot more for work last year.

I was tired of staying in hotels and asked my employer to book for me through Air Bnb. I also started using this platform for personal use. While I enjoyed many of my stays, I have to agree with the possible unintended consequences that result from booking through a service that can be illegal in some places and has a profoundly negative impact on the lives/livelihoods of locals. All this to say that lately (for about six months) I have been very careful about the use of Air BnB. Many hosts now add occupancy, service, and other fees that often make a short-term stay much more expensive than booking a hotel. I thought my “occupation” would be included in the price per night as I have already stayed in an Air BnB lol. Anyway, excellent article. Thank you for sharing.

Oh no, Brad! I am terribly sorry to hear that, as it is terribly frustrating for you. It`s a shame airbnb doesn`t do anything about it and you have to go through lengthy legal proceedings. I wish you the best with the result! I`ve never used Air Bnb, but I`m glad I came across your article here before making any plans! When I think about it, I think my friend had an illegal stay in one of the safe bnbs in New York when the short deadlines are all illegal!! I prefer peace of mind with hotels where I know they are obligated to compensate you if you have lost a room or something like that.