Access our platform from a PC or laptop to publish your legal devices and affidavits. Only the publisher`s profile sends the legal devices and is responsible for a digital signature. It is the management and customer service portal that the Official Gazette of El Peruano makes available to all companies that publish legal provisions. The PGA allows these institutions to publish legal standards in the security and comfort of their offices without having to travel to Editora Perú`s headquarters. Our value proposition is to provide a SAFE, FAST and EASY service. Therefore, we are committed to further improving the experience of each of the companies that use PGA to publish devices in legal standards, helping to simplify processes and be more efficient. Visit PGA`s website SECURE: Digital certificates that secure and protect the integrity of your data. If the transfer is not completed by the digital signature of the representative, the publication does not leave its compartment and therefore does not reach Editora Perú to edit and publish it. You can pause the post at any time until it has been signed and sent. Select the Create a publication option and enter a reference of your publication Request your digital certificate from the National Register of Identification and Civil Status – RENIEC so that the official with the publisher`s profile can approve or validate the publication with his digital signature. If signed and submitted, the publication order has already been received by us and will be published. If you have not signed or completed the order, you will have to start again.

Contact us about publication in the legal norms of the Official Gazette of El Peruano You can use either system, the PGA or the face-to-face channel, but if you have submitted a rule for publication by the PGA, you can no longer do so through the face-to-face channel because you generate a duplicate publication or vice versa if you have used the face-to-face channel. face. You can no longer submit the same rule through the PGA. It should be clarified that you can use the face-to-face channel when the PGA is out of service. The administrator is responsible for creating users and passwords for everyone with a PGA account in your organization. You can track the status of your post. Enter where you want to download the signature registration form. This document must be completed with the data of the employee designated as administrator of the client service management portal within the institution, who is responsible for generating and managing users. (Operational staff is recommended), attaching the documents listed therein.

Obtain consent for the notification and electronic invoice by e-mail Download the file containing the text to be published in Word format Technical considerations©for the operation of the digital signature in the PGA: There should be no restrictions or blocks for the following email addresses: Enable access to: You must contact RENIEC registrars and request your certificate digitally. To suspend or cancel a publication made through©PGA due to an error found at the time of creating the OP publication order with the digital signature, you must contact the staff of Editora Perú: If your credit line©does not cover publication costs, you can publish and will then be notified to regularize the payment. However, if you do not pay your debt within 30 days, you will be prohibited from publishing the balance©. Enter and generate the publication order; Verify the information with the digital signature If you wish to obtain a line© of credit, you must contact our Credit and Collection Unit – Editora Perú with Mrs. Margot Enrãquez, Head of the Credit©©and Collection Unit, by e-mail or at telephone switchboard 315 0400 Annex 2503 or at the mobile phone number 996 370 204. which can give you all the options of the deal so that you can© get a line of credit. You can contact us via WhatsApp at 915 248 103. EASY: Access the platform from anywhere in the country and connect to a PC or laptop via the internet. Prompt: Get your quotes in less time and log online. You can submit devices for publication until 19:00.