The following documents must be filed when applying for U.S. transit visas: Customs officers have the authority to inquire about your immigration status to determine if you have the right to enter the country. If you are a U.S. citizen, you only have to answer questions that prove your identity and citizenship, although refusing to answer routine questions about the nature and purpose of your trip may result in delays and/or other inspections. If you are a lawful permanent resident (LPR) who has retained your status, you only need to answer the questions that prove your identity and permanent residence. Refusing to answer other questions is likely to cause delays, but officials cannot deny you entry to the United States because you have not answered other questions. If you are a visa holder or a non-citizen visitor, you may be denied entry to the United States if you refuse to answer questions from officials. Officials cannot select you to question them on the basis of your religion, race, national origin, gender, ethnic origin or political beliefs. If you are told that you cannot enter the country and that you fear persecution or torture if you are returned to the country from which you travelled, you must inform the customs officer of your fear and apply for asylum. Transit visas are short-term and are usually not required for everyone – which is why it`s important to contact an embassy or consulate before your trip to see if you need a transit visa.

“If the department wanted to know how people interact in an airport, all they had to do was rent Tom Hanks` film The Terminal.” “I`ve been researching airports for five years and thought it would be an opportunity to experience airport life for yourself. The C-2 visa is the transit visa for non-U.S. citizens traveling to the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York or United Nations officials traveling through the United States to reach a final destination. You can only apply for the C-2 visa if an application or petition from the United Nations or other foreign missions has been submitted to the nearest U.S. embassy. There are airports, like Miami International, without such transit zones. Yet thousands of passengers travel to Florida airport to board flights to other countries. Here are the types of “transit visas” you can apply for if you want to travel through the United States on your way to your final destination. Of these, the C-1 visa is the most commonly used visa that is generally applied. The standards for the application of ESTA remain unchanged, even for transit cases. ESTA is required regardless of age, so don`t forget to apply for all members of your tour group traveling to the United States.

Even preschoolers and toddlers must have ESTA. Since it can take about three days or 72 hours for you to receive a notification of the screening result after applying for ESTA, apply early if you plan to travel or transfer to the United States. If you have not received ESTA in advance, you may be denied entry to the United States or boarding on your flight. Especially if you plan to travel as a family or group, we recommend that you check in advance the flight numbers, destinations and airports where you are traveling. As Snowden awaits his fate at the international airport, U.S. President Barack Obama told reporters in Dakar on Thursday that he would not order military planes to intercept planes that the wanted contractor could board in a third country. “We`re not going to crawl with jets to catch a 29-year-old hacker,” Obama said. You have the right to wear your religious head covering. You should exercise your right to wear your religious head covering if you are asked to remove it before passing through airport security. However, if an alarm is triggered, airport security officers may request additional verification. They can then pat down your religious head covering or ask you to remove it.

You have the right to request that the listening or removal be carried out by a person of your sex and that it be carried out in a private space. In 2010, the U.S. State Department cited the cases of 16 Somali asylum seekers who “lived in the airport`s transit zone for several months and were sometimes forced to beg for food from air passengers.” The Foreign Ministry report said they could not apply for Russian asylum and were forced to turn to the United Nations for help. Russia claims it has no jurisdiction over Snowden, but Russian officials arrest him and refuse to let him go. Ultimately, transit zones are legal fictions that countries use to serve the purpose they want to pursue. Different countries have different regulations on how these transit zones should be treated. The problem, according to De Valle, is that normal practice applied to these areas has always “created a variety of legal problems.” The transit zone is a designated area within an international airport where you can stay until your flight to your destination is ready to board. Transit zones allow you to wait at the airport without going through immigration – if you don`t leave the airport. Mehran`s ordeal, which ended in 2006 when he was hospitalized, was recast into a romantic comedy in the movie The Terminal, in which Tom Hanks played a man who was denied entry to the United States because his home country sank into civil war. He is stuck at New York`s JFK airport and falls in love with a flight attendant. The range of these areas has increased rapidly. International law, as well as the laws of many countries, protect refugees from deportation to countries that persecute them.

In response, some countries have attempted to argue that a refugee who only enters a transit zone has not actually entered the country and therefore has not received the protection of immigration laws. These areas are not necessarily limited to airports. In Paris, for example, the transit zone includes squares miles from the airport, including a hospital and a court. Prisoners transferred between these locations are believed to move within “floating transit zones.” The government-funded research will take place at Manchester Airport and will examine how airports affect people, with the aim of making them better places to visit or work. To maintain this position, however, Russia had to ignore its own regulations. The website of the Russian Embassy states that travelers staying in Russia for more than 24 hours must apply for a transit visa. According to Max Fisher and the Washington Post, Russia must issue a travel visa to Snowden or allow it to remain illegal.