There is different definition of leadership available on internet. Many authors explain leadership with different viewpoint along qualities of a good leader. From my point of view A leader is one who turn his vision in success stories with his subordinates. We will provide dept knowledge about qualities of a good leader through this article.

  • Vision

    Vision is one of the major qualities of a good leader. If you want to be leader you must have this skill. They always forecast future and set their goal according to it. They have the clear idea about what they are doing and what should they do to find success. They always share their vision with their team and set plan on how to achieve it.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is one of the core qualities of a good leader. A leader in any field whether in playground, corporate world or in army must have this quality. If you are not honest to your field you can’t get success. A leader earns trust of his subordinates as well as clients through this virtue.  Thus his subordinates obey his direction with no hesitation and that’s lead the leader towards his vision.

  • Confidence

    A great leader should be confident in his/her action. As a leader you have to give direction to your subordinates with confidence. If a leader himself is not confident enough he can’t lead the team and will fall impact on ultimate goal. Confidence is one of the core virtues of a leader. At the end of the day a leader should take critical decision with his confidence.

  • Commitment

    Commitment is another virtue that separates a good leader from bad one. If you’re passionate and committed to your work your subordinate will give their best to complete the task. It will also increase your respect in the eyes of your subordinates. If you are not committed to your work you can’t expect the best performance from your subordinates.

  • Communication

    A good leader must be a good communicator and it’s very important to have this skill. If you can’t communicate with your team exactly you can’t expect the result. A good leader should explain the goal to his team clearly. He should have the skill to motivate his team toward organization success. The basic point is without the communication skill a person can’t be a good leader.
  • Accountability

    Arnold Glasow said “ A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of credit”. A great leader must be accountable for his teams job whether its good or bad. Even each member should be accountable for their role in the job and that create a responsibility within team. If anyone does a good work he should be appreciated by leader and if anyone does wrong he should be backed by the leader. These activities of a leader make the
    subordinates more passionate and energetic to their work.
  • Empathy

    Empathy is one of the important qualities of a great leader. If you want to be a good leader you should show empathy to your team mates. For these virtue subordinates feel close connection with the leader and eventually they will give their best shot. When they find that their leader can feel their pain and put their problems in first step they can feel safe to work under his supervision.
  • Influence

    It is one of the common qualities of a leader. A good leader always influences his team to work efficiently. A leader influences his team through coaching & negotiation. He develops skills in within team and team will perform their best to lead the company to achieve its goal. To be a good leader you need to be influence your subordinates.
  • Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence is ability to manage own emotions. A great leader must have this virtue. If you want to be a good leader you should know how to manage your emotion and your emotion can affects others. Most of the emotionally intelligent leaders don’t take wrong decision. They can also understand others feeling so that they can solve many conflict within the team.
  • Transparency

    Transparency is an essential quality for a good leader. If you want to be a good leader you should be very transparent to your team. You shouldn’t hide any sort of information. This virtue helps to build trust among team mates.  When you are transparent to your subordinates they feel more empowered and give their best to fulfill your vision.
  • Problem Solving

    It is a common qualities of a great leader. If you want to be a leader you should know how to solve different problem in possible short time. A leader has to face a lot of problem. Any wrong steps can cost the company a huge loss so he should solve the problem very carefully. A leader gain experience from every single problem or challenges they face.

  • Motivation

    Motivating team mate is the common quality of a leader. Words are very powerful to motivate employees. Leaders always motivate his employees to work hard, to gain knowledge, to meet deadline. Thus employee can improve themselves as well as they can contribute more to the organization success.

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